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A little about us...

As parents of four young daughters we know all too well how difficult shopping can be with little ones.  While our girls are well behaved for the most part (they are children after all)  it typically is not enjoyable task with them. They tire out easily and frankly we don't blame them. After doing a ton of searching we realized there is no such place that is both kid and grownup friendly around in our little neck of the woods. Yes, there are lots of adorable shops out there and even other places that offer diy classes for just kids and just adults but none that had what we wanted to bring to the table...crafting and shopping for all. Once our business grew we knew we had to offer a shop that was enjoyable for parents and children alike.  A place that we all look forward to going to. A place that parents actually want to take their children and shop. Four Daughters Boutique & Workshop is just that. A family friendly place that offers boutique style shopping and workshops for all ages and abilities. We knew there was no other place to set our shop roots than the place we call home in Oak Grove, MO.

There are lots of great diy classes out there but a lot of them don't offer classes that are kid friendly. If you are anything like us you miss out on them because you can't find a sitter, can't afford both the sitter and the workshop, or are a breastfeeding mama and need to take your little one along. In our boutique we offer workshops that go beyond adult crafting. We offer ADULTS ONLY, GIRLS NIGHTS, MAMAS WITH KIDS IN TOW, MOMMY & ME, TOTS IN THE SHOP, KIDS, TEENS, ELDERLY, & people with DISABILITIES. We truly try to have something for everyone.