Meet  the faces behind Four Daughters Boutique & Workshop. A husband and wife with four young daughters that wanted to add something different to their small town in Oak Grove, MO. It's a rare thing to find a place where people can both shop and create with their little ones in tow. But that's exactly what this couple wanted to create. A shop that parents actually want to take their children to, a place that they both will enjoy. 

And they vowed to do it all DEBT FREE. No loans. No credit cards. Just hard work and cash flowing it all....yes, they are Dave Ramsey fans... It's a tough job but it can be done...slowly. This may not be the conventional way of going about opening a brick and mortar shop but for the Stephens family it was the only way they wanted to go about it. 

Each week they add something new to the shop's outfit. A new counter one week. New chairs the next. When you stop in and watch the growth of this shop you can't help but feel the excitement as it grows with each passing day.