TOTS IN THE SHOP, 1-23 10am

TOTS IN THE SHOP, 1-23 10am


TOTS IN THE SHOP Jan 23rd 10am

Join us for our weekly TOTS IN THE SHOP craft & story time.

This week we will…

Start with story time learning about SNOWFLAKES! What a PERFECT winter book for tots!

Once our book is finished we will get to creating our own snowflakes using glue and salt.

Of course our TOTS IN THE SHOP wouldn’t be complete without a snack! Each kiddo will mke their own little snowflake themed snack, which will give our art snowflakes just enough time to dry. Once they are dry we will paint them using all the beautiful watercolors.

We strongly encourage parents {or adult that brings their child} to create alongside but not take over. This is a vital part in your child’s learning process. They NEED to be able to explore and make “mistakes” so that their creative side can grow and flourish.

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