TOTS IN THE SHOP, 1-30 10am

TOTS IN THE SHOP, 1-30 10am


TOTS IN THE SHOP Jan 30th 10am

Join us for our weekly TOTS IN THE SHOP craft & story time.

This week we will…

Start things off with a super fun book about pine cones that we will have checked out from our local Oak Grove library.

After our story we will get to the messy fun! This week we are painting with PINECONES! How fun!! Each child will have an art box prepped {this makes things easy for the parents ;) } prior to the start of the workshop. We will start with a blank piece of 8”x10” thick art paper taped to the inside of a shallow open box and two pine cones for painting. Each child will get to totally customize their own colors, then dip their pinecones into their paint, drop them in their box and let the painting fun happen! Picking their boxes up they will roll their pinecones all around to make their own colorful masterpieces!

TOTS IN THE SHOP is recommended for any child between the ages of 1-5, but as with all our kid friendly workshops if you feel your child would enjoy it please sign them up for the fun.

While we are reading and creating we will have a tasty little snack for everyone to enjoy.

We strongly encourage parents {or adult that brings their child} to create alongside but not take over. This is a vital part in your child’s learning process. They NEED to be able to explore and make “mistakes” so that their creative side can grow and flourish.

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Your NONREFUNDABLE registration is due prior to the day of the workshop.

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